Optional extras

Power away from base

The SR 450 is equipped with a folding swivel wheel for easy turning in confined spaces and light handling to and from a staircase. Items up to 1880 mm can be handled by use of the extendable handles.

The SR-450 24V battery charger For charging the SR-450 on a van or truck a 24V / 4A battery charger is available as an optional extra prolonging the units "away from base" capability.

Optional battery pack Battery power pack optional extra for 450 and 475

The SR-450 dolly A heavy duty dolly is available for handling long and bulky objects. The dolly is used to help the (loaded) SR 450 mount and dismount the staircase and manoeuvre easily on landings

Extra reach from the SR-475

The SR-475 is an extended reach variant of the SR-450. It comes complete with extra long handles and a remote control.

The SR-1750 HE dolly Specially designed remote control is a feature on the SR-475

The SR-450 control Optional control for the SR-450

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