Stair-Robot SR-1750 HESafety First

Stair-Robot industrial stair climbers are designed to move almost any kind of load from a delivery vehicle or platform, convey it to the foot of a staircase, carry it up the staircase, deposit it at the required location and get it back down again - SAFELY.

Outstanding benefits to your business, your employees and your customers

With a range of models capable of carrying up to one metric ton (1000Kg / 2200Lbs) and single or two-person operation, Stair-Robot offers huge benefits to your organisation:

Full UK sales and service across the entire Stair-Robot range

Cobham Lock and Safe Company are the sole UK agents for the SR450 (up to 350Kg) and SR1705HE (up to 1000Kg) models and offer sales and service across the entire range.

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